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From expert insights into IoT security best practice to real-life partner use cases, here’s where you can learn how to break down the barriers to security.

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Giving You the Confidence to Create Solutions

The connected future we are starting to realize is intrinsically dependent on a trusted Internet of Things, built upon security best practice. We explore the key IoT security challenges and how to break down the barriers and build confidence in the IoT.


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  • A 360-Degree View of Security for Edge Devices

    In this blog post, Marco Carrer (CTO of Eurotech) explores how the edge has become important for OEMs and why security is pivotal to making it a success.

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  • Easing the Path to Certification with PUFsecurity

    In order to tackle the mounting security concerns, it’s clear that the industry needs to collaborate and find solutions. When PSA Certified was founded, we outlined three areas of increasing robustness that help the silicon vendors to test the robustness of their solutions. However, in many instances, silicon vendors collaborate…

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  • IoT Device Security: Simplifying the Journey for OEMs

    In this blog we explore how PSA Certified is simplifying the IoT security journey for device manufacturers, allowing them to leverage the security expertise from the value chain and easily implement and verify security best practice. We breakdown the four key stages and examine how PSA Certified supports you at every step.

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  • The Road to a More Secure IoT

    Our mission is for every connected device to be built upon a Root of Trust, providing a foundation of assurance for trusted deployments to scale. To support this mission, we are making security accessible to every part of the IoT value chain, reducing the barriers to secure your next product.

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