PSA Certified IoT Security Certification | Program Overview

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Security for the IoT is more important than ever, as we see more devices being connected and the data they produce changing our businesses and lives, we must be able to trust the data we use. Securing devices from silicon to cloud not only improves your product for initial success, but also enables faster responses to new threats and future alignment to government requirements.

PSA Certified is a holistic IoT security framework and assurance program for securing digital transformation across industries. It relieves the challenges and pressures associated with security design and implementation and validates product security offering peace of mind, trust, and lower total cost of ownership.

The PSA Certified founders have devised a four-stage framework to guide security through:

  • Security analysis with downloadable and editable example threat models
  • Design of security architecture with open architecture specifications aligning to the certification scheme
  • Implementation of security, with open source reference implementations of the firmware and high-level APIs making the security functions accessible
  • A certification scheme designed to assess good security principles in silicon, OS and device with increasing robustness testing for silicon

The certification program offers:

  1. A methodically created program offering independent testing and evaluation
  2. A low cost and minimal risk path for more secure connected devices
  3. Fast alignment with legislation and standards

In this digital overview, find out why IoT security and certification are becoming increasingly important for business success, learn more about PSA Certified and the key elements to the program, and find out how you can get best-in-class security for your products.

Looking for the Program Overview in Korean? Click here.