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Latest Blogposts: Consumer IoT

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Introduction to Consumer IoT Security

Consumer IoT security is fundamental to build trust and see end markets grow. We explore the consumer IoT market and key considerations to build the future of connected devices.

by PSA Certified

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PSA Certified Welcomes the US Cyber Trust Mark

In this blog post, the PSA Certified JSA explore why the US Cyber Trust Mark is fantastic for both consumers and the technology ecosystem.

by PSA Certified JSA

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A 360-Degree View of Security for Edge Devices

In this blog post, Marco Carrer (CTO of Eurotech) explores how the edge has become important for OEMs and why security is pivotal to making it a success.

by Marco Carrer

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Advice for OEMs Preparing for Security Regulation in Europe

This blog covers two of the most prominent IoT security regulations emerging in Europe (CRA and RED), what they mean for you, and how you can prepare.

by Rob Coombs

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IoT Security Predictions for 2023 | From the PSA Certified Ecosystem

As we begin 2023, we’re reflecting on the past 12 months and looking forward with some IoT security predictions from the PSA Certified ecosystem.

by PSA Certified

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Top Cyber Monday Tips for OEMs to Ensure Security in Connected Consumer Devices

In this blog, we explore why cybersecurity is the primary concern for IoT devices this Cyber Monday and how to protect consumers with IoT security frameworks.

by David Maidment

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DesignLights Consortium Recognize PSA Certified as a Foundational IoT Security Scheme for the Connected Lighting Industry

In this blog we explore the smart lighting industry, the importance of IoT security for smart lighting, and how the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) are recognizing PSA Certified as a foundational IoT security framework and certification scheme for the connected lighting industry.

by Anurag Gupta

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Smart Speaker Security: How to Build Trust in Smart Voice Assistants

Explore the emergence of smart voice assistants and smart speakers, the security concerns threatening the adoption of these products, and how IoT security will build trust in these devices. Access an example threat model to begin your smart speaker solution.

by PSA Certified

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IoT Security for the Remote Healthcare Market

In this installment of our ‘In Conversation With…’ series PSA Certified partner Flex explores IoT security for remote healthcare devices, how their Flexino Sensor Integration platform is helping OEMs overcome IoT security challenges and the added value of third-party certification schemes such as PSA Certified.

by Juan Cols

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How a Root of Trust Underpins Security in Intelligent IoT Healthcare Devices

In this blog Dr. Shahram Mossayebi (CEO and Co-Founder, Crypto Quantique) examines the growing emergence of AI-enabled IoT healthcare devices, why a Root of Trust is important in these high-value assets, and how their PSA Certified Level 2 Ready QDID solution is helping to simplify RoT creation.

by Shahram Mossayebi

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