Easing the Path to Certification with PUFsecurity

Partner Case Study

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In order to tackle the mounting security concerns, it’s clear that the industry needs to collaborate and find solutions. When PSA Certified was founded, we outlined three areas of increasing robustness that help the silicon vendors to test the robustness of their solutions. However, in many instances, silicon vendors collaborate with third-party IP providers to build-in extra security functionality. To help cater for this part of the market, PSA Certified introduced PSA Certified Level 2 Ready, a pre-certification assessment made especially for IP providers. The certification was created for those who help protect from the seven threats outlined in the PSA Certified Level 2 Protection Profile, who may only cater for a sub-set of the nine complete security requirements of PSA Certified Level 2. This certification allows them to showcase their investment in security with an independent assessment.

PUFsecurity is the latest company to achieve PSA Certified Level 2 Ready, awarded by the independent security evaluation laboratory, SGSBrightsight. Their certified product, PUFcc, combines a hardware Root of Trust with a full suite of cryptographic accelerators, secure OTP storage and a TRNG. It’s the perfect candidate for a PSA Certified Level 2 Ready certification.

Our new co-authored whitepaper covers their journey to PSA Certified Level 2 certification and the technical considerations for designing their system.

Download our co-authored whitepaper to:

  • Learn more about PSA Certified Level 2 Ready.
  • Understand more about PUFsecurity and their certified PUFcc product.
  • Gather implementation details on how PUFsecurity established PSA-RoT functionality using the Arm Cortex-M33 processor and the Arm CoreLink SSE-200 subsystem.