Building Security Into Your Product

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A Comprehensive IoT Security Framework to Design-In Best Practice

The PSA Certified framework outlines device security and provides a path to ensure security best practice is included in the development process. A simple structure plus freely available documentation and resources empowers everyone with accessible security information.

For example:
Non-technical or procurement teams can use the framework as a guide to understand what questions to ask vendors.

As a single source for trusted security, the PSA Certified framework ensures all of your teams share the same path to a successful digital transformation.

Threat Models and Security Model

Security design should always start with analysis of the end use case.
TheĀ PSA Certified Security Model combined with threat model and security analysis documents work together to guide the security ingredients your product needs. You can:

  • Identify security requirements through threat modeling
  • Ensure key security principles receive consideration from product inception
  • Get a comprehensive picture to better understand costs and timelines up front

Specifications and Reference Implementations

The PSA Certified ecosystem contributes security specifications that outline the recipe for security. With this information, you can:

  • Guide security architecture
  • Speed time-to-security
  • Access firmware reference implementations of the PSA Root of Trust alongside the PSA Functional APIs