Why Certify IoT Security?

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As more and more connected devices are deployed, countless new business opportunities will be unlocked. However, the current insecurity of IoT devices means that risks will also rise. With increasing demand from consumers, governments and the wider IoT industry for a universal baseline of requirements, independent IoT security certification has never been more important. 

Save Time on Security

Reusable and consumable certifications ensure that security implementations can be leveraged up the value chain. Focus on the security requirements of your individual product to reduce time-to-market.

Protect Your Reputation

The complexity of the IoT makes it hard for insurers to model risk, breakdown liability and provide warranties to fully enable digital transformation. Certification provides an audit trail of compliance, demonstrating your commitment to security.

Collaborate With the Ecosystem

Despite 71% stating they are on track with security, only 52% of companies use external lab testing for security. Certification provides an objective measurement of a product’s integrity, reducing the risk of attack and building trust with consumers, regulators and insurers.

Demonstrate Best Practice Security

A common security language that the entire value chain can work towards helps ease security implementation, while reusable and consumable certifications encourage industry collaboration. Certification demonstrates that you have successfully implemented security best practice, passed independent security assessment and provides recognition of your investment- allowing customers, cyber-security insurers and regulatory bodies to easily identify the security credentials of your product. With growing industry adoption, PSA Certified is uniting the ecosystem under a common language, revolutionizing IoT security for all stakeholders in the IoT industry.