PSA Certified believe that security must start with the Root of Trust, which is the foundation we built the program upon. Provide a trusted foundation for the next generation of devices, putting security at the heart of your product.


Use the comprehensive framework, resources and matching certification scheme to demonstrate the advanced security features of your latest chip to your customers in a way that enables them to be understood and valued.

PSA Certified Level 1

Ensure basic security principles have been applied and relevant features exist for the device manufacturer. Align with major industry standards and government regulations. Make it easier for your customers to achieve PSA Certified at the device level.

PSA Certified Level 2

Provide evidence of protection against scalable, remote software attacks with lab-based evaluation of your PSA Root of Trust. Become a trusted partner of confidentiality and integrity for the IoT market.

PSA Certified Level 3

Currently under development, PSA Certified Level 3 will enable you to showcase substantial security capabilities of your PSA Root of Trust component with a lab-based evaluation.

PSA Functional API Certification

Demonstrate easy integration of software to your PSA Root of Trust. When you support the PSA Functional APIs you can connect to an ecosystem of software platforms that support the same APIs.

PSA Certified Level 2 Ready Pre-certification

Provide a pre-certification assessment of the PSA Root of Trust to demonstrate your solutions protect against scalable software attacks. Choose this option if you use FPGA or test-chip based hardware.

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