Design-in Standardized Security to the IoT

PSA Certified provides a comprehensive framework to help fulfill its goal to improve the security of IoT devices. Independent testing of defined security standards builds trust into IoT devices and the services that rely on them.

With the PSA Certified framework, you can

A four stage framework unlocks digital transformation

Right-Size Security

PSA Certified provides three levels of security assurance to ensure right-size security.

PSA Certified Level 1 is for a broad audience to showcase security principles.

PSA Certified Level 2 and PSA Certified Level 3 are specifically for chip vendors to showcase increased robustness of the security component, enabling device manufacturers to implement increased protection without the additional device testing.

Foundational Approach to IoT Security

PSA Certified stands on a firm foundation that includes published IoT threat models, the 10 security goals, and on-going evaluation of government guidelines and requirements. The program is reviewed annually to provide a well-informed scheme.

Certification for the Whole Value Chain

PSA Certified offers security certification for all components of a connected device. You can showcase your security expertise when you design and build silicon, a software component or end devices.

It Takes an Ecosystem to Secure the IoT

The PSA Certified ecosystem brings choice to the IoT, making security accessible. By using certification components, you can lower the barrier to security by taking advantage of composite certifications and make use of a central anchor for all security functions – the Root of Trust.

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