IoT Security Assessment | Getting Certified

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Assurance Applicable to the Entire IoT Value Chain

The PSA Certified framework and certification program guides you to security best practice and enables device makers to choose a chip with the appropriate level of security assurance and robustness for their market.

For Device Manufacturers

Gain compliance of global regulations and demonstrate best practice. PSA Certified offers peace of mind, trust and a lower total cost of ownership, putting security at the heart of your product. Align to major regional cybersecurity baseline requirements such as NIST 8259A and ETSI EN 303 645.

For Silicon Vendors

Security starts at the heart of a device: the silicon. PSA Certified defines a PSA Root of Trust security component and provides a scalable certification program that is cost-effective and fast-to-market. Demonstrate the value added security features of your chip to the whole IoT ecosystem.

For System Software Providers

PSA Certified expands security adoption by hiding security complexities of the chip’s PSA Root of Trust behind easy-to-use high-level APIs. Provide sophisticated security without the time, effort and costs. Demonstrate good security practice with PSA Certified Level 1.

For IP Providers

PSA Certified gives confidence and assurance of security best practice in IoT components. Certify your software platform, security solution, development boards, FPGA or test chips to ease adoption of your IP into PSA Certified devices.

Find a PSA Certified Evaluation Lab

The PSA Certified evaluation labs provide industry-leading security assurance for chips, software and devices. With locations around the world, the labs make security accessible globally. A certification body oversees the program to ensure independence and quality assurance is upheld across the labs.