Remove Security as a Barrier to Product Development

PSA Certified establishes a comprehensive security framework that includes two key features: a suite of security resources and a matching certification program. With security built in, you can focus more on innovation during the product development process and get to market faster.

Browse free development resources to guide security design and certification of IoT products.

Product design: How to Build Security into Your Product

Access resources including:

  • Explanation and methodology behind the ten security goals
  • Example threat models
  • Specifications contributed by the PSA Certified ecosystem
  • PSA Functional APIs
  • Open source firmware implementation of the PSA-RoT

Certification: How to Certify Your Product

Access step-by-step guides and certification resources for:

  • PSA Certified Level 1
  • PSA Certified Level 2
  • PSA Certified Level 3
  • PSA Functional API Certification

Training Resources

Access online training resources for IoT security design and implementation from the PSA Certified founders.

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