Logo Use Guidelines

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Thanks for your interest in using the PSA Certified brand in your communications. Whether you’re a PSA Certified board moment, partner or ecosystem member, the PSA Certified Brand Guidelines offers a holistic view of all the logos, colours and approved language. You can also keep reading for more information on how to use the PSA Certified logos.

Using PSA Certified Logos

Please follow these guidelines only if you are permitted to use the PSA Certified and/or PSA Functional API Certified logo(s) under the terms of the PSA Certified Trademark agreement. To request permission to use the logos please visit the Trademarks Usage Request page. If you have any questions about these guidelines please contact the PSA Certified founders.

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Color Usage of the PSA Certified Logo

The use of the logo with any colour other than PSA Certified brand green, black, or white is not permitted. Please see the following images for examples of proper color usage.

The specifications for PSA Certified green are:

  • CYMK: C63 M0 Y40 K0
  • RGB: R93 G188 B171
  • Web: #5DBCAB

Horizontal Logo

When the brand logo aspect ratio isn’t suitable for a use case or design, the horizontal PSA Certified logo can be used. This is an exception to the norm and should only be used in exceptional circumstances.

Space and Size Dimension Requirements When Using the PSA Certified Logo

The minimum size of the PSA Certified logo is:

There must always be a minimum clear space around the logo. This clear space is equivalent to the height of the ‘p’.

How to Correctly Reference Your PSA Certified Certification in Written Text

For full information on how to use the PSA Certified brand in prose, these guiding principles will get you started.

  1. PSA Certified is a registered trademark and should use a TM mark on first use.
  2. Your product should be referenced as “PSA Certified Level X”. The level should be written in numerical form, for example PSA Certified Level 1.
  3. You shouldn’t shorten the brand to PSA, or expand PSA to “Platform Security Architecture”.
  4. The PSA Certified trademark is not associated with the Arm brand and does not need Arm branding. However, if you wish to refer to Arm, you can refer to Arm as co-founders of the PSA Certified scheme.

Further guidance on using the PSA Certified logos

Examples of Incorrect Use of the PSA Certified Logo

Do not alter proportions
Do not use other colors
Do not outline
Do not use a different font
Do not use at an angle
Do not use logo within a title