The Benefits of Proactive IoT Security Strategy

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Digital transformation is fueled by the IoT.  As the services and efficiencies it promises take priority, we mustn’t forget that IoT security needs to be a vital consideration to avoiding inflexible designs, or leaving the door open for adversaries.

While there are many barriers to simple IoT security development, this whitepaper looks to clarify why a proactive IoT security strategy, rather than reactive one, will benefit businesses, consumers, and the future connected world.

The document outlines key data and insights into the growth of IoT, the number of IoT security attacks, and opinions from the industry to identify where companies can leverage security to unlock new opportunities.

It covers a realistic solution to build-in security from the ground up, providing a scalable solution for your company to focus on product evolution and value over security fixes.

Download to learn about:

  1. The current landscape: Why a proactive IoT security strategy is more important than ever
  2. Finding the value: The key benefits to considering IoT security from the product design stage
  3. Securing your next product: IoT security solutions and a tried-and-tested framework reducing the barriers to security