How PSA Certified Benefits the IoT Value Chain

Growing Together, Towards a More Secure Future

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Modern businesses and institutions are accelerating toward a future built on a security-first mindset. The PSA Certified ecosystem is dismantling the barriers to IoT security, creating a connected devices industry built on a trusted security foundation that counters the ever-increasing threat of global cyberattacks. 

There are many different businesses and industries that make up the IoT ecosystem, from device manufacturers and Cloud Service Providers, to end enterprises, regulation bodies and risk insurers. Each one is in a unique position to influence the direction and scale of the security movement that is driving innovation and collective growth. By encouraging a future built on collaborative, secure frameworks; businesses like yours can lead the way in IoT security, accelerate operations, reduce costs, speak a trusted common language, and grow together.

PSA Certified helps silicon vendors, device manufacturers, software providers and IP providers to take proactive actions with security. However, beyond certification, there are many ways that the rest of the ecosystem can get involved.

Find out how you can play your part so that we can grow, learn and collaborate together, towards a more secure future no matter where you are in the ecosystem.