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In Conversation With… Silicon Laboratories | PSA Certified Level 2

Having recently achieved PSA Certified Level 2, Mike Dow – Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs shares his views on IoT security, his initial skepticism with PSA Certified and the exciting future that lies ahead for the industry.

  • By PSA Certified, 2nd September 2020
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The State of IoT Security Standards and Regulations

In this digital white paper, learn about the new security measures being introduced by governments and standards body, and how to create a holistic security strategy to align across standards.

  • By PSA Certified, 27th August 2020
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Webinar: How Certification Adds Assurance for Digital Transformation

How to Provide Confidence and Assurance at Scale – Delivering Growth through Digital Transformation

Security and trust play an integral role in successful digital transformation. In this webinar, learn how certification provides assurance for innovation at scale.

  • By David Maidment, 16th July 2020
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PSA Certified Program Overview – Digital Whitepaper

PSA Certified is an industry backed IoT assurance scheme that is helping us build trust in the billions of connected devices that underpin digital transformation. Learn more about PSA Certified in our interactive overview.

The Accelerating Landscape of Digital Transformation

It’s a term that we are more and more familiar with - digital transformation – but what does it actually mean? Explore digital transformation hurdles and how assurance can accelerate digital transformation.

Six Key Considerations for Industrial IoT Security

Industry 4.0 is unveiling huge opportunities and advances for both new and legacy devices. In this blog, we explore how to embrace this opportunity while ensuring IIoT standards are met and a baseline of security is built in.

Securing your IoT device with the PSA Root of Trust

Learn about the Root of Trust, the role it plays in IoT and how the PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT) provides security without the complexity.

Free Webinar: PSA Certified Program Update 2020

Earlier this year PSA Certified reached an exciting milestone: our first birthday, which coincides with the annual Embedded World conference. Naturally, this milestone offers a great reminder to reflect the year gone past and what the next year might look like. The PSA Certified founders believe that the 2020’s is…

FAQ: Does the PSA Certified Scheme Use Common Criteria?

There are many benefits to certifying IoT products, and multiple certification programs on the market. We explore why certification is key to the future of the IoT and compare PSA Certified with Common Criteria.

  • By PSA Certified, 15th April 2020
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PSA Functional APIs: The De Facto for Securing IoT Device Connectivity

IoT SAFE leverages chip-to-cloud security with SIM technology. Learn more about the project and how the PSA Functional APIs play a key role.

  • By PSA Certified, 14th April 2020
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