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Fast tracking Linux Security for IoT edge devices with

Fast-tracking Linux Security for IoT Edge Devices with

In this blog we examine how to overcome the complexities of IoT security for the edge. We also explore how PSA Certified partner is simplifying the security journey for Linux-based OEMs.  

Offering Choice for IoT Security Certification with SESIP and CSPN-style Methodologies

Offering Choice for IoT Security Certification with SESIP and CSPN-style Methodologies

In this blog, the PSA Certified founders have explored why it’s important to offer choice in IoT security evaluation methodology and the relationship with SESIP.

  • By PSA Certified, 29th April 2021
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Anti-rollback explained

Implementing the 10 Security Goals – Anti-rollback Explained

In this blog Rob Smart (Senior Principal Security Architect, Arm) takes a detailed look at the PSA Certified Anti-rollback security goal, outlining what it is and how to successfully implement it.

IoT Security for Retail

IoT Security for Retail: Securing the Connected Store

IoT devices can transform the in-store retail experience and security plays a crucial role in architecting this new reality. We look at the importance of building-in best practice security and how to build trust in connected devices.

Collaboration is our greatest armory for IoT security

#Beyondthenow Podcast: IoT Security Post-COVID: “Collaboration Is Our Greatest Armory.”

In this podcast, David is joined by Dr. Sally Eaves. They examine the impact COVID-19 has had on our lives and the role security has played in this adaptation. They also discuss how the narrative around security needs to change and how collaboration can help overcome IoT security challenges.

IoT Security Challenges and Solutions for Device Manufacturers

We explore the key IoT security challenges that device manufacturers face including a lack of expertise, regulatory fragmentation and varying approaches. We also examine how the industry can work together to solve these challenges and secure the future of the IoT.

How IoT is Changing the Construction Industry

The Internet of Things is Changing the Construction Industry | Flex

Dr. Juan Nogueira-Nine from new PSA Certified partner, Flex, discusses why they became PSA Certified and why security is important for the construction industry.

  • By Juan Nogueira, 30th March 2021
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#Beyondthenow Podcast: Predicting the Future of IoT Security: “When our customers have the requirements, we need the silicon to be ready.”

David is joined by Mike Dow, Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs. Mike provides the silicon vendor perspective, discussing recent changes in the semiconductor industry, the foundational role silicon vendors play in IoT security and the importance of thinking ahead when designing products to meet customer requirements.

  • By PSA Certified, 16th March 2021
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In Conversation With… Silicon Laboratories | PSA Certified Level 3

As the first silicon vendor to achieve PSA Certified Level 3, Mike Dow – Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs shares his views on IoT security and the exciting future that lies ahead for the industry.

  • By PSA Certified, 16th March 2021
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Understanding IoT Device Developers Challenges with Sequitur Labs

PSA Certified partner Sequitur Labs offer software solutions that improve trust in a connected world while understanding the need to consider real business value for device makers – reducing BoM costs, protecting revenue, improving product reliability, improving product lifecycle management.

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