Device Security for Every Connected Market

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Discover Why Security Best Practices Must be Embedded into the Design of Products

More than ever, organizations must prioritize investing in security. Attacks on devices are increasing – and so are consumers’ concerns about their privacy and security. As attacks become more sophisticated and frequent, new standards, requirements and regulations are emerging that mean device manufacturers can no longer afford to not integrate security into product design.

Security must be built into the products people depend on to ensure trust in the device, the device manufacturers, and the IoT in general. This commitment not only safeguards users but also aides innovation and growth.

How PSA Certified Can Help

PSA Certified enables companies to independently review and certify their products to demonstrate their commitment to security and build strong foundations for the future. Working with over 80 companies across all markets, PSA Certified has scaled to become one of the fastest growing, most valued security ecosystems globally – and continues to break down industry-wide barriers to security.

Our infographic explores how organizations can lead with security best practices to:

  • Protect brand reputation, customer confidence and your bottom-line
  • Meet worldwide complex regulatory security requirements and demonstrate commitment to security to your supply chain, customers, and end users
  • Drive innovation to develop and build more secure, trustworthy devices without increasing exposure to risk
  • Reduce cost and speed up time-to-market by building security into a device from the start.

Drawing on case studies from across the broad spectrum of industries that PSA Certified’s expertise spans, the infographic looks at how industry peers are establishing connected device security as a value-creator.

Discover the value of working with PSA Certified and learn how you can stay ahead of the curve with security best practice.

Break Down Barriers to Device Security

Discover how PSA Certified is Enabling Innovation Across All Markets


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