What Is the PSA Certified IoT Security Framework?

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PSA Certified offers a framework for securing connected devices, from analysis through to security assessment and certification. The framework provides standardized resources to help resolve the growing fragmentation of IoT requirements and ensure security is no longer a barrier to product development.

Why Certify?

In a world where digital transformation relies on trusted data, security is key. PSA Certified increases confidence in your product, demonstrates compliance to standards and demonstrates industry best practice has been applied.

Our Approach

PSA Certified offers a concise security framework. It outlines four stages to develop and certify an IoT product, based on 10 security goals. Resources provided by the ecosystem facilitate fast time-to-security.

Using the PSA Certified Framework

Methodically developed security best practices ensure this scalable certification program considers security at all stages of product development from silicon, through software, to device level.

PSA Certified Founders

PSA Certified is a collaborative effort founded by seven companies each offering IoT security and certification expertise with a global reach.