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Securing the Internet of Things Starts Here

PSA Certified Partner Showcase

Security is complex and isn’t something that one company or entity can achieve on their own. PSA Certified is playing a role in transforming IoT security by working with the ecosystem. Explore why security is so important and how our partners are embracing IoT security.

Success through partnership

The explosion of IoT has enabled low-cost hardware to be connected to the network – however many of these devices are vulnerable to attack. Learn why it’s important to understand which devices are secure and why the ecosystem is so passionate about it.

Security is a system design process

Learn more about how Cypress Semiconductor® embrace security in their product line, aligning with the Platform Security Architecture to create a robust security solution.

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“The PSA premise of making embedded security accessible has helped develop the IoT marketplace. PSoC 64 is well-aligned to this premise, providing IoT device designers with a robust security solution that is optimized for their application.”

Jack Ogawa, Cypress Semiconductor

One standard for multiple governments

Nuvoton Technology recognize that security is a worldwide problem, that needs a holistic solution. Learn more about how they believe PSA Certified could become the single security standard.

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“As we expand our business geographically, the PSA Certified program enables us to maximize our products’ security and brand visibility, and ultimately the value we offer customers. It’s not only good for Nuvoton but it’s an efficient and cost-effective way forward for the entire IoT industry.”

Jason Lin, Nuvoton Technology

The best springboard for security

Smart meters need a high level of security robustness – Security Platform Inc (SPI) found that PSA Certified gave them a great foundation to build higher robustness into their product.

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“Device manufacturers know that our platform is certified on the best global standards which means they can follow those standards, too, and we don’t need to open up our product source code for verification or provide stacks of documentation.”

Suik Hwang, CEO, Security Platform Inc.