How Flex and PSA Certified Are Building Trust Across Multiple Markets

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It can be difficult to objectively define what ‘secure’ means for IoT, but by speaking a common language we can move towards a common definition. By proactively achieving PSA Certified Level 1, customers using Flex products know they are working with a device that is already “intrinsically secure”.


Transforming the Construction Industry with IoT

Digital technologies are transforming the construction sector, providing data to drive efficiencies, reduce down-time and save costs. These benefits can only be realized if the data that underpins them can be trusted, and that trust lies inherently in devices which at the very least, have best practice security. Explore how Flex are building trust in the IoT and the productivity and cost benefits their


Building Trust in Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Devices

In a healthcare setting, it is critical that products are built on a Root of Trust. In this PDF overview, Flex provides insights into their vulnerability management process using the PSA Certified Level 1 Sensor Integration Platform, Flexino. They illustrate how the use of an ecosystem of certified system software and silicon chips can help navigate the complexity of designing security into a device.

Podcast: Overcoming Cybersecurity Costs and Prioritizing Security

Dr Juan Nogueira joined our podcast to discuss Flex’s approach to IoT security and how they’re helping their customers innovate on a strong foundation. Juan explains the business cost of failure and the importance of building-in security at the beginning to instill confidence in the IoT.

We should not be saying that security is adding another cost on the bill of materials – it shouldn’t be considered like that. It should be necessary, like the power supply, you need to power the device and you need to have security as well.

Dr. Juan Nogueira, Senior Director of Connectivity Center of Excellence, Flex
Juan Nogueira
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