Security Robustness to Enable the Next Wave of Connected Products

Case Study | Nordic Semiconductor

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If you go to the store today and you look at two security cameras, there is no way you can tell which one is a secure camera and which one is not. So, there is an absolute need for the industry to provide a way of telling which product is secure and which is not. PSA Certified is important for Nordic Semiconductor as it provides a building block, or a seal of approval, to say ‘this device provides the level of security that you need’.

Svein-Egil Nielsen
CTO, Nordic Semiconductor
  • Securing IoT products with PSA Certified APIs

    It’s not easy for developers to incorporate security in the right place, at the right time. When you add in the complexity of IoT security standards, baseline requirements, frameworks and regulations, the software ecosystem has a lot to navigate. In this blog, Nordic discuss the value of the PSA Certified APIs and how to use them.

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  • A Real-world Example of Nordic’s SoCs in Action: Horticultural Lighting

    Fluence recently announced the launch of their Wireless Flex Dimming, a simple and flexible wireless lighting control solution that enables growers to replace traditional dimming cables with wireless control. In order to build-in security into their device, they selected pre-certified components for our design, including the PSA Certified nRF52840 Series from Nordic.

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