The Road to a More Secure IoT

10 Key IoT Security Resources to Guide Your Next Product

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Our mission is for every connected device to be built upon a Root of Trust, providing a foundation of assurance for trusted deployments to scale. To support this mission, we are making security accessible to every part of the IoT value chain, reducing the barriers to secure your next product. We’re taking you on a journey to a more secure future, providing the complete toolkit to guide security design and implementation to showcase your security expertise through certification.

Discover the Benefits of IoT Security

IoT security can sometimes be an afterthought, but have you considered how much time and money a proactive approach to security could save you in the future? This whitepaper weighs up the benefits of designing-in security and outlines how to get started.

Discover the Benefits

Recap Industry Trends in our latest PSA Certified Security Report

Get unique insights into the state of IoT security, what’s happening in the industry, how it’s evolving and where the biggest opportunities lie.

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OEM Journey to IoT Security

How do you know you’re building-in best practice security? Walk through a step-by-step framework for connected device security. Widely adopted (by over 50 companies), the framework revolutionizes security, reducing upfront security costs and time-to-market while building trust in your products.

Follow the Step-by-step Journey

The Root of Trust Explained

PSA Certified is on a mission to ensure every connected device is built upon a Root of Trust. But what does this mean? We explain what a Root of Trust is and how to use a Root of Trust.

Learn about the Root of Trust

The True Cost of Insecurity

Revealed: expert advice to reduce the costs of security. Last month we were joined by cybersecurity experts from insurance provider Munich Re, the UK Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Forescout Technologies and University College of London to discuss the true cost of security (and insecurity) and reveal five actions to mitigate the cost of best practice security.

Read the Advisory Paper

Threat Modeling 101

Getting right-size security is the first step to ensure you’re making the best security decisions for your product. The first step can often feel the most challenging. That’s why we’ve provided a collection of resources to explain what threat modeling is, the common methodologies along with free and editable example threat models for you to use as a template for your product.

Access Threat Modeling Resources

Best Practice Security: 10 Security Goals

PSA Certified is committed to creating a foundation of trust for all connected devices ensuring simple IoT attacks are prevented. In order to achieve this, the Platform Security Model document was devised to guide security best practices and provide a practical checklist.

Explore the 10 Security Goals

How to Choose an Appropriately Robust Chip

With over 20 chip vendors all aligned on a single Root of Trust, the PSA Certified ecosystem has revolutionized IoT security. Multiple levels of RoT evaluation provide increasing levels of security robustness. In this blog, find an overview of the levels and how to choose the appropriate robustness for your product.

Read the Guide

PSA Certified Program Overview

We’ve collected everything you need to know about PSA Certified into one program overview. Find all the information to start your IoT security journey in this document.

Access the Program Overview

New Online Questionnaire

If you’re looking to become PSA Certified perhaps the simplest route is to use our online questionnaire. It’s packed with advice, regulatory mappings and extensive question examples.

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