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PSA Certified is a comprehensive assurance scheme for securing digital transformation across industries.

The PSA Certified founders work on the program with key industry support to ensure it adds value and aligns with market requirements. PSA Certified is dedicated to offering peace of mind, trust and a lower cost of ownership. Putting security at the heart of your connected product.

Posts by PSA Certified are contributed by the PSA Certified JSA members; Applus+ Laboratories, Arm, CAICT, ECSEC, Proven Run, Riscure, SGS Brightsight, TrustCB and UL.

The latest posts by PSA Certified

  • Common Device Security Myths – Debunked

    In this blog post, we'll explore common misconceptions about device security and shed light on the realities of securing these devices in today's rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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  • Easing the Path to Certification with PUFsecurity

    In order to tackle the mounting security concerns, it’s clear that the industry needs to collaborate and find solutions. When PSA Certified was founded, we outlined three areas of increasing robustness that help the silicon vendors to test the robustness of their solutions. However, in many instances, silicon vendors collaborate…

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  • The Road to a More Secure IoT

    Our mission is for every connected device to be built upon a Root of Trust, providing a foundation of assurance for trusted deployments to scale. To support this mission, we are making security accessible to every part of the IoT value chain, reducing the barriers to secure your next product.

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  • Practical Solutions to Connected Device Security Challenges for OEMs

    This blog outlines 10 key resources from PSA Certified which will help to guide your next product, allowing IoT security at the forefront of your design considerations.

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