PSA Functional API Certification for IoT Security

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Increased Software Agility and Portability That Reduces the Complexities of Security

Showcase API compliance with PSA Functional API Certification

A high level, easy to use software interface to the security functions of a PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT). Remove the complexities of hardware-based security and ease the integration and use of trusted functions in the chip’s Root of Trust. PSA Certified:

PSA Functional APIs

The PSA Functional APIs establish a foundation for security services that enables secure end-to-end deployments. The APIs are easy to understand regardless of the underlying hardware or firmware.

Three APIs available: 

Cryptography API

Provides an easy-to-use interface to crypto primitives. Keys remain opaque in storage and are only accessible through these crypto primitives.

Secure storage API

Supports data protection on the device, with confidentiality, integrity and rollback protection.

Attestation API

Enables validation of internal components of a device to associate it with a trust level.

The PSA Functional APIs provide access to security complexities in the PSA Root of Trust, making baseline security possible for all products.

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