PSA Functional API Certification for IoT Security

Transforming the Electronics Industry, Making Security Accessible

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Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership

The PSA Functional APIs lower security research and development costs, reduce business and reputational risk and help customers maximize ROI with open source, reusable code

Lower the Bar to Expert Security

Leverage the security built into the PSA Root of Trust by silicon vendors, saving time and costs by calling the APIs.

Reduce Security Fragmentation

PSA Certified has been widely adopted by leading silicon providers and system software vendors. Join the ecosystem that is providing standardized components.

PSA Functional APIs

The PSA Functional APIs establish a foundation for security services that enables secure end-to-end deployments. The APIs are easy to understand regardless of the underlying hardware or firmware.

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Cryptography API Secure Storage API Attestation API

Getting Started

PSA functional APIs steps