PSA Certified Level 4 iSE/SE & PSA Certified Level 4 RoT Component

Used to certify a subset of the chip’s full PSA-RoT security functions at a high level of attack resistance.  Typically used to certify an on-chip or off-chip Secure Element / Secure Enclave. 

For Chip & IP Vendors Wanting to Demonstrate a High Level of Attack Resistance.

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A High Level of Attack Resistance

Achieving PSA Certified Level 4 iSE/SE or PSA Certified Level 4 RoT Component will enable chip & IP vendors to demonstrate that they provide a high level of protection from physical and software attacks to critical assets – secret crypto keys and crypto functions. PSA Certified Level 4 certifications use a higher attack potential (AP=25) than Level 3 certifications.

Growing Applicability

Attack methods get more sophisticated every year as advances in hacking equipment come to market. PSA Certified Level 4 certification of the chip’s trusted subsystem provides evidence of a strong trust anchor for the device and system.

Efficient Certification Through Composition

Certifying a subset of the full PSA-RoT SFRs at high attack potential is efficient when the certification can be reused later for the full PSA-RoT functionality. Chip vendors can save time and money when the same trusted subsystem components are used across chip families.

PSA Certified Level 4 iSE/SE and Level 4 RoT Component at a Glance


Chip or IP Vendors


Trusted Subsystem, Secure Element or Secure Enclave


See PSA Certified Attack Methods document

Security Functional Requirements

See PSA Certified Level 4iSE/SE SESIP Profile

Evaluation Effort

Check with the evaluation lab (white box)