PSA Certified Level 3 + Secure Element

For Chips That Protect the Key Store and Cryptographic Operations Against a High Level of Physical and Software Attacks.

For Chip Vendors Wanting to Demonstrate a High Level of Attack Resistance.

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A High Level of Attack Resistance

Achieving PSA Certified Level 3 + Secure Element will enable chip vendors to demonstrate to their OEM customers a high level of protection from physical and software attacks to assets they care about the most – secret crypto keys and crypto functions.

Growing Applicability

Attack methods get more sophisticated every year as advances in hacking equipment come to market. OEMs who need to protect high value systems or protect their brand may want to consider chips that have achieved PSA Certified Level 3 + Secure Element.

Efficient Certification Through Composition – Certify the Trusted Subsystem First

PSA Certified Level 3 + Secure Element builds on a Secure Element (aka Secure Enclave when on chip) that has achieved a PSA Certified Level 4 iSE/SE certificate. The crypto and key storage security functions are tested in the laboratory at a higher Attack Potential (AP=25) and with higher assurance than PSA Certified Level 3.

PSA Certified Level 3 + Secure Element at a Glance


Chip Vendors


PSA Root of Trust using a Secure Element / Secure Enclave*


See PSA Certified Attack Methods document

Security Functional Requirements

See PSA Certified Level 3 and Level 4iSE/SE SESIP Profiles

Evaluation Effort

Check with the evaluation lab (white box)

*The Secure Element or Secure Enclave needs to be pre-certified using PSA Certified Level 4 iSE/SE