Pre-certification Eases the Path to Certification

Showcase your security investment with PSA Certified Level 2 Ready

PSA Certified Level 2 Ready provides a pre-certification assessment that helps IP providers get:

  • An independent assessment of solutions  
  • An opportunity to showcase your security investment
  • Suitable for FPGA or test chip-based hardware as well as production chips
  • A smooth route to full PSA Certified Level 2

The lab-based evaluation assesses the chip’s PSA Root of Trust security component, ensuring protection against scalable, remote software attacks. A sub-set of security requirements can be tested and will be shown on the product listing.

Evidence of Security Implementations

PSA Certified Level 2 Ready products receive an Evaluation Technical Report that outlines the security functional requirements achieved.

Ease the Path to Certification

PSA Certified Level 2 Ready IP demonstrates implementation of several security functional requirements easing the path to PSA Certified Level 2.

Time-efficient Testing

Penetration testing for PSA Certified Level 2 Ready pre-certification is carried out over 25 days.

PSA Certified Level 2 Ready at a Glance

AudienceChip vendors
ScopePSA Root of Trust
ThreatsSeven – detailed in the PSA-RoT Protection Profile
Security Functional RequirementsUp to nine – detailed in the PSA-RoT Protection Profile
Evaluation EffortLess than 25 days* – white box evaluation

*The elapsed calendar time may differ depending on available resources and interactions with the certification body. The 25 days of evaluation efforts includes Security Target review, vulnerability assessment, test plan, testing and write-up of the Evaluation Technical Report. 

Further information about the attack methods and evaluation methodology can be found on the PSA Certified Level 2 page.