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PSA Certified Program Overview – Digital Whitepaper

PSA Certified is an industry backed IoT assurance scheme that is helping us build trust in the billions of connected devices that underpin digital transformation. Learn more about PSA Certified in our interactive overview.

Securing your IoT device with the PSA Root of Trust

Learn about the Root of Trust, the role it plays in IoT and how the PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT) provides security without the complexity.

FAQ: Does the PSA Certified Scheme Use Common Criteria?

There are many benefits to certifying IoT products, and multiple certification programs on the market. We explore why certification is key to the future of the IoT and compare PSA Certified with Common Criteria.

  • By PSA Certified, 15th April 2020
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What are the PSA Certified 10 Security Goals?

Find out how the PSA 10 security goals guide security design and form the basis of PSA Certified.

  • By PSA Certified, 24th February 2020
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Creating a Trusted Web of Devices: Entity Attestation Tokens Explained

Learn about Entity Attestation Tokens (EAT) and how they enable IoT devices to communicate trust in our white paper.

  • By PSA Certified, 18th February 2020
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