Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, and the Metaverse with Microsoft

Beyond the Now | IoT Security Podcast

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Digital Transformation, Digital Twins, and the Metaverse with Microsoft

In the first #beyondthenow podcast with Microsoft, we explore the wider impact of the IoT and digital transformation on businesses and how this is highlighting the need for IoT security. Listen as Tony Shakib (General Manager, Azure IoT, Microsoft) joins David to discuss why digital transformation is becoming a necessity, how it is fuelling a more proactive business model and why security should be embedded into the heart of all connected devices.

The three phases of digital transformation: connectivity, context, connected ecosystems.

Why businesses are realizing that digital transformation is no longer optional.

Microsoft’s a zero-trust approach to IoT security and their IoT security solutions.

Discover Key Talking Points in this Episode

I think we’re at a turning point where we’re kind of going from that educational phase, where people were skeptical about the value of digital transformation, to the mass adoption phase, where they realize that digital transformation is no longer an option, it is a matter of necessity.

Tony Shakib, General Manager, Azure IoT, Microsoft

More About Your Podcast Host David Maidment

David Maidment (Senior Director of the Secure Device Ecosystem at Arm- a PSA Certified Co-founder) leads our discussions on the latest trends and developments from the world of IoT security.

Based in Cambridge UK, David brings over 25 years of experience in the embedded and IoT industry. He specializes in the intersection between device security and business assurance to drive best practice security adoption across the electronics industry. In his role at Arm, David leads device security ecosystem activities including the widely adopted PSA Certified initiative.