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Collaboration is our greatest armory for IoT security

#Beyondthenow Podcast: IoT Security Post-COVID: “Collaboration Is Our Greatest Armory.”

In this podcast, David is joined by Dr. Sally Eaves. They examine the impact COVID-19 has had on our lives and the role security has played in this adaptation. They also discuss how the narrative around security needs to change and how collaboration can help overcome IoT security challenges.

How IoT is Changing the Construction Industry

The Internet of Things is Changing the Construction Industry | Flex

Dr. Juan Nogueira-Nine from new PSA Certified partner, Flex, discusses why they became PSA Certified and why security is important for the construction industry.

  • By Juan Nogueira, 30th March 2021
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#Beyondthenow Podcast: Predicting the Future of IoT Security: “When our customers have the requirements, we need the silicon to be ready.”

David is joined by Mike Dow, Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs. Mike provides the silicon vendor perspective, discussing recent changes in the semiconductor industry, the foundational role silicon vendors play in IoT security and the importance of thinking ahead when designing products to meet customer requirements.

  • By PSA Certified, 16th March 2021
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In Conversation With… Silicon Laboratories | PSA Certified Level 3

As the first silicon vendor to achieve PSA Certified Level 3, Mike Dow – Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs shares his views on IoT security and the exciting future that lies ahead for the industry.

  • By PSA Certified, 16th March 2021
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Understanding IoT Device Developers Challenges with Sequitur Labs

PSA Certified partner Sequitur Labs offer software solutions that improve trust in a connected world while understanding the need to consider real business value for device makers – reducing BoM costs, protecting revenue, improving product reliability, improving product lifecycle management.

#BeyondTheNow podcast

#Beyondthenow Podcast: IoT Security Relies on the Cloud to “Prevent Scalable Attacks”

David is joined by the Founder of the FreeRTOS project and Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon, Richard Barry. They discuss the complexities that come with internet-connected devices, the importance of security from initial product conception, and the role of cloud in detecting abnormal behavior patterns to prevent scalable attacks.

  • By PSA Certified, 6th January 2021
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podcast: building in surety and confidence

#Beyondthenow Podcast: Building-in Surety and Confidence to Speed IoT Deployments and Adoption

This podcast takes a slightly different format as we host a panel session. David joins Peter Armstrong, Cyber-insurance expert at Munich RE, and Duncan Jones, Senior Product Manager at Pelion to discuss where liability lies and how companies can build trust and confidence in their products.

  • By PSA Certified, 15th December 2020
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Real World IoT Security

Real World IoT Security with PSA Certified Co-Founder Riscure

Bernie Rietkerken, Sales and Business Development Manager at Riscure breaks down the importance of a critical baseline of security and how insights into the minds of modern-day hackers can put your products one step ahead and instil confidence in your products.

  • By Bernie Rietkerken, 3rd December 2020
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Secure today isn't secure forever

#Beyondthenow Podcast: The Journey to Secure IoT: Secure Today Isn’t Secure Forever

In this podcast, David is joined by Brad Ree (CTO of the IoXT Alliance) to talk more about their journey to make IoT more secure for consumers. They also talk about the partnership between PSA Certified and IoXT Alliance and how it’s easing fragmentation in the IoT ecosystem.

  • By PSA Certified, 19th November 2020
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Industry experts discuss four top tips to secure the future of the IoT

Industry Experts Discuss Four Top Tips to Secure the Future of the IoT

We recently hosted a panel discussion with industry leaders in security from SDT Inc., OSRAM, Signify and Arm. Find out the top four things we can do today to secure the future of the IoT.

  • By PSA Certified, 12th November 2020
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