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Developing PSA Certified

The foundations of PSA Certified

In an everything connected world security needs to be built-in and then tested. This testing should be based on firm foundations, beginning with analysis of security requirements and based on specifications providing common goals for all devices. Announced in 2017 at Arm Techcon, Platform Security Architecture (PSA) has created a set of free specifications and engineering documents that have informed the development of PSA Certified.  Documents of importance to PSA Certified are:

Threat models (Protection Profiles)

Arm published three example IoT threat models for an asset tracker, water meter and network camera, to inspire device makers to create similar documents for their products.

PSA Security Model

A PSA security model has been developed as one of the architecture documents and this details ten security model goals of IoT platforms.  These ten goals have helped us create the security requirements for the generic parts of IoT systems.

Further information about PSA, along with resources, can be found here: