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A security assurance scheme for IoT enabling digital transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has fast become a part of everyday life and slowly it is starting to transform operations for both businesses and consumers. However, with this growth comes increasing fragmentation and rising IoT security concerns. To enable businesses to make decisions based on data and insight, they need to be able to trust IoT devices and the data being gathered. Customers can only realise the true potential of the data by having the right level of security designed into their devices. This is where certification comes in.

PSA Certified builds trust through an independent certification scheme. It helps you meet multi-region IoT security requirements with a simple three-level evaluation scheme. Putting security at the heart of your product, PSA Certified provides independent assessment of IoT devices, platform software and the chip’s Root of Trust (PSA-RoT).

Built on a Foundational Architecture

The certification program is built on the foundations of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA), which was created to address the need for scalability and consistency across large-scale IoT deployments. PSA Certified offers a full security framework with example threat models, security architecture documents and an open source reference implementation of the Root of Trust.

Built on a foundational architecture, PSA Certified unlocks digital transformation.

Enabling Right-Size Security

PSA Certified has been designed to help you implement right-size security for your device by providing three levels of security assurance and robustness. This multi-level scheme allows device makers and businesses get the level of security they need for their use case, using the security requirements established during threat modelling to identify the robustness required. Products that don’t match requirements can then be filtered out, reducing time-to-market and development cycles.

Industry Momentum

Reducing fragmentation requires a shift in the industry, easing the route to security. PSA Certified is driving this momentum with key partners, including world-leading silicon vendors, supporting the scheme and a growing number of certified products on offer. This gives the connected world an opportunity to build on trusted components, reducing development time and enabling devices to be built on trust.

Scalable Certification

PSA Functional API certification assesses API compliance with the PSA developer APIs.

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Security certification has three progressive levels of security testing, with increasing robustness of testing.

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The PSA architecture documents, PSA Functional APIs and PSA evaluation scheme are published as public documents.

Building secure chips and devices for IoT is non-trivial. The documents, deliverables and testing scheme of PSA Certified have been designed to make the path easier, quicker and more affordable for the electronics industry. Chip vendors, RTOS companies and OEMs who have their products PSA Certified can showcase their solutions on this website and use PSA Certified trademarks and logos appropriately.

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