NXP LPC55S16 MCU Awarded PSA Level 2 and SESIP Assurance Level 2 Certifications

PSA Certified partner NXP Semiconductor share their recent certification achievements for the NXP LPC55S16 MCU, including PSA Certified Level 2.

How to navigate upcoming regulations for IoT

Anurag Gupta (Director of business development) discusses how upcoming regulations is changing the way OEMs need to approach security.

  • Featured on New Electronics, 02/11/2020
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Workshop on Cybersecurity Risks in Consumer Home IoT Products

Rob Coombs (PSA Certified co-founder) joins industry leaders at the NIST conference to discuss more about PSA Certified.

IoXt Alliance & PSA Certified Align to Improve IoT Device Security

Strategic collaboration between two powerhouse initiatives will help further secure the global silicon industry and connected technology.

History Points to Now: In an Exploding World of Connectivity, Simplicity is the Strategy of Choice for CISOs, CTOs and CIOs

Helen Yu discusses the the role of security as connectivity rapidly increases and how PSA Certified can help.

  • Featured on Linked In, 12/10/2020
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Solving IoT device security at scale through standards

Eustace Asanghanwa Principal Program Manager, Azure IoT discusses how standards will help to make edge IoT more secure.

  • Featured on Microsoft, 19/10/2020
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Cybersecurity and the IoT Today: The Importance of Being PSA Certified

In this episode of the Futurum Tech Webcast, Shelly Kramer, founding partner and senior analyst at Futurum Research welcomes Jasmina Omic, with Riscure, a global security lab offering security services and tools.

The Impact Of Being PSA Certified In The IoT Security Market

Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman are joined by Rene Haas who is President, Intellectual Property Group (IPG) at Arm to talk about PSA Certified.

  • Featured on Futurum Research, 30/09/2020
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Internet Security Relies on Industry Teamwork

David Maidment discusses the role of collaboration for creating secure IoT.

  • Featured on Future of Business, 25/09/2020
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Brilliant: The BEST Way to Control Your Smart Home Tech!

Andru Edwards discusses securing smart home tech.