QuiddiKey 300

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QuiddiKey® 300, a physical unclonable function or PUF-based root-of-trust (RoT) security solution, is the world’s first IP solution to be awarded “PSA Certified Level 3 RoT Component.” This certifies that the IP includes substantial protection against both software and hardware attacks. It allows chip designers to fast-track their products for full PSA Level 3 certification and further helps ensure supply chain integrity, chiplet security, and protection against reverse engineering. Certification is essential for security-critical IoT market verticals, such as healthcare, critical infrastructures, and smart consumer products as outlined in the US Cyber Mark Program.

Intrinsic ID QuiddiKey is a hardware IP solution that enables device manufacturers and designers to secure their products with internally generated, device-unique cryptographic keys without the need for adding costly, security-dedicated silicon. QuiddiKey uses the inherently random start-up values of SRAM as a physical unclonable function (PUF), which generates the entropy required for a strong hardware root of trust. QuiddiKey IP can be applied easily to almost any chip – from tiny microcontrollers (MCUs) to high-performance systems-on-chip (SoCs).

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PSA Certified Level 3 RoT Component Details

Certificate Number: 0632793519560 - 10101
Date of Issue: 06/09/2023
Test Lab: Riscure
Certification Holder: Intrinsic-ID B.V.
Certified Product: QuiddiKey 300
Hardware Version: v1.0
Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 3 RoT Component v1.0 REL 02
Developer Type: PSA Certified – RoT component