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Certified Product: Musca B1 & TF-M (Arm Limited)

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PSA Certified™ Security Assurance Certificate

Certificate Number: 0604565272829-10010
Date of Issue: 14/02/2019
Test Lab: Brightsight
Certificate Holder: Arm Limited
Certified Product: Musca B1 & TF-M
Product Description:

The Musca-B1 is a Cortex-M33 based dev board that work with open source trusted firmware (TF-M) to provide an ideal PSA—RoT development platform for RTOS vendors and IoT developers

Model: Musca Test board-B1
Software Version: TF-M v1.0 Beta
Hardware Version: Musca B1
Standard: PSA Certified - Chip vendor
Security Level: Security Level 1 Beta 002