IoTeX PSA Crypto

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The IoTeX’s PSACrypto is a cryptographic library that supports a wide range of embedded devices with flash memory from as low as 20KB to several hundred MB. It is fully compliant with the Arm PSA Certified Crypto API 1.1 standard. With its unique frontend and backend design, it allows users to choose a backend cryptographic library that best suits their needs, thereby achieving a good balance between the performance and memory footprint. Moreover, an optimized visual configuration tool provides great flexibility for developers to customize a cryptographic library based on the available hardware resources and specific project requirements and facilitates developers to integrate the PSACrypto library into their projects seamlessly.

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PSA Certified Crypto API Details

Crypto API Version: 1.1
Crypto Coverage: crypto_hash, crypto_mac, crypto_cipher, crypto_derivation, crypto_rng, crypto_aead, crypto_asym_crypt, crypto_asym_sign, crypto_agreement