AmebaSmart (RTL8730E)

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The RTL8730E is one of the new fifth generation Ameba E series launched by Realtek IoT solution. With RTL8730E’s powerful edge computing, smart home appliances can be converted into multifunctional smart devices offering multiple settings for specific times or scenes. The RTL8730E supports the latest technologies including smart voice, dual core, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.3.

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PSA Certified API Details

RTOS: FreeRTOS 10.5.0
Firmware: TF-A v2.3
API Test Suite Version: v1.4
Hardware: Ver. C
Crypto Coverage: crypto_hash, crypto_mac, crypto_cipher, crypto_derivation, crypto_rng, crypto_aead, crypto_asym_crypt, crypto_asym_sign, crypto_agreement