PSA Certified Momentum at Embedded World 2019

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Building trust in Internet of Things (IoT) devices is a critical enabler of IoT services at scale.  If we trust the device then we can trust the data from that device and use that to drive new business insights and services in IoT.  At the heart of device trust is the newly announced PSA Certified initiative.

At Embedded World in Nuremberg this year, we announced the creation of the PSA CertifiedTM program, the final stage of the Arm Platform Security Architecture (PSA). The program offers an independent security evaluation scheme for chips, OSes and devices developed to PSA specifications. It was an exciting week onsite at the show and we’re excited to share some of highlights with you below.

Video interview with AspenCore

Onsite at Embedded World, David Maidment (Director Secure Devices Ecosystem, Arm) met with AspenCore to discuss PSA in more detail. He took a look at the history of the program, where it’s been and the agnostic approach and the security model goals that underpin the framework (including secure boot, secure attestation). Of course, we also spoke about the new PSA Certified program, including the importance of PSA Joint Stakeholders Agreement.

Rewarding partner efforts

When the PSA was created, we had a vision of enabling billions of secure devices connecting to the cloud. Therefore, one of the most exciting parts of the Embedded World week was seeing this starting to become a reality and meeting companies that have already achieved PSA Certified products and awarding them with trophies.

A total of 16 PSA Certified products were announced at launch (including 4 partners who achieved PSA Functional API Certification), which is a fantastic validation by the industry of the importance of security.

If you’d like to learn more about the PSA Certified products, click here.

What’s next?

We’re looking forward to hearing more about products that achieve PSA Certification, which will aid the journey to a secure IoT. The PSA Certified program will continue to evolve with the Platform Security Architecture Joint Stakeholders Agreement (PSA JSA) members (Arm, SGS Brightsight, CAICT, Prove&Run, Riscure and UL).