PSA Certified appoints TrustCB as certification body and scheme manager

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We are pleased to announce that TrustCB has been appointed as the certification body and scheme manager for PSA Certified. TrustCB has been been selected for its strong experience in operating high assurance certification bodies and scheme management.

As we prepare for PSA Certified Level 2 partners, and the introduction of the PSA Certified Level 3 scheme in the next year, TrustCB will be an important part of the team, enabling partners to achieve higher levels of security assurance and robustness in IoT.

The Platform Security Architecture has been well received since launch for providing a holistic four-stage process for security IoT; offering the recipe (architecture documents and guidelines), ingredients (open source code and development boards) and an evaluation scheme (PSA Certified). It is here to be adopted by the whole electronics industry and is compatible with any architecture and implementation that includes a PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT).  To help PSA Certified scale with IoT, we have introduced test labs that can evaluate chips, software platforms and devices with a global footprint.

The Platform Security Architecture (PSA) and PSA Certified were developed to make IoT more secure and we’re keen that we continue on this journey with pace.

TrustCB can be contacted at