Developing Smart Lighting Security with ams OSRAM

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Developing Smart Lighting Security with ams OSRAM: “If it’s smart, it can be hacked”

Jan Münther, Head of Digital Product Security at ams OSRAM, joins our host David Maidment, on the #beyondthenow IoT security podcast to discuss smart lighting security. We examine the cost of security failure, growing consumer expectations, and how company culture needs to change for us to effectively implement security best practices.

Understanding the true cost of failure of inadequate security.

Why the most common vulnerabilities are found in basic fundamentals in device design and are not carried out by experienced hackers.

Why it’s so important for a company to bring security design into products at the very beginning.

Discover Key Talking Points in this Episode

Security is now being actively demanded by our customers – as a quality criteria. It’s something that can make or break your position in the market.

Jan Münther, Head of Digital Product Security at ams OSRAM

When I first stumbled across PSA certified. I looked of course at the payload, the actual content that you have, and I was pretty delighted to see that all the things that we consider best practices are condensed so well there. As a matter of fact, until I came across PSA Certified, I was not aware of any standard that I would actually have considered useful.

Jan Münther, Head of Digital Product Security at ams OSRAM

If you want to bring security into your portfolio productively, and with a good effort to success ratio, integrate with your developers, make it part of your development life cycle, of your product development life cycle, and get a foot in the door at an early stage.

Jan Münther, Head of Digital Product Security at ams OSRAM

More About Your Podcast Host David Maidment

David Maidment (Senior Director of the Secure Device Ecosystem at Arm- a PSA Certified Co-founder) leads our discussions on the latest trends and developments from the world of IoT security.

Based in Cambridge UK, David brings over 25 years of experience in the embedded and IoT industry. He specializes in the intersection between device security and business assurance to drive best practice security adoption across the electronics industry. In his role at Arm, David leads device security ecosystem activities including the widely adopted PSA Certified initiative.