Modernizing Automotive Cybersecurity with Bosch

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Modernizing Automotive Cybersecurity with Bosch: “Autonomous is 30 years away”

In this episode of the #beyondthenow IoT security podcast, we are joined by Peter Busch, Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility at Bosch. We review how automotive cybersecurity is expanding and how to modernize 100-year-old protocols. Peter also examines the relationship between safety, security, and privacy.

Why is cybersecurity important for mobility.

The relationship between safety, security, and privacy.

The layers of architecture protecting mobility and why the relationship between hardware and software is so critical.

Discover Key Talking Points in this Episode

All we’ve spoken about in the last few years is data. Lots of data. One of my favourite sayings is that with the beginning of the internet of things, you have lots of connected devices that share that data. But when you come one layer further, these devices not only share their data but also do business with each other.

Peter Busch, Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility at Bosch.

One of the initiatives that we drive in PSA Certified is around the provision of an attestation token inside a chip. So inside a Root of Trust, you have a trusted token, which you can populate with data that allows you to attest your credentials. It’s interesting because at the chip level it’s fairly simple technology. It doesn’t consume a lot of memory. It sits inside the Root of Trust.

David Maidment, Senior Director Secure Device Ecosystem, Arm

In five years all the demand on us will get quicker and faster. However, in the car, the most important thing is that you need is to be safe. In 10 years, we’ll see a lot more electromobility on the roads. I think we will have to wait like 20 or 25 years until we see completely new systems autonomously talking to each other and having control of everything. This is smart because we need to consider safety. We talk about real engineering, real hardware. This is developing so slow and it’s really good that this is developing slowly because we have to really control and manage it.

Peter Busch, Product Owner Distributed Ledger Technologies Mobility at Bosch

More About Your Podcast Host David Maidment

David Maidment (Senior Director of the Secure Device Ecosystem at Arm- a PSA Certified Co-founder) leads our discussions on the latest trends and developments from the world of IoT security.

Based in Cambridge UK, David brings over 25 years of experience in the embedded and IoT industry. He specializes in the intersection between device security and business assurance to drive best practice security adoption across the electronics industry. In his role at Arm, David leads device security ecosystem activities including the widely adopted PSA Certified initiative.