IoT Security at the Edge with Eurotech

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IoT Security at the Edge with Eurotech

David is joined by Marco Carrer, CTO of Eurotech, to examine the emergence of edge devices. They discuss what we mean by edge devices, the crucial role the edge is playing across all industries, and the challenges of edge security. We also discuss the benefits of industry collaboration and IoT security frameworks.

What is the ‘edge’? What is its role? Why is security so important for this space?

The importance of industry collaboration and how Eurotech used their PSA Certified Level 1 certification as a building block for an IEC62443 Certification.

Eurotech’s predictions for what the IoT landscape will look like in 5 years? The emergence of edge workload consolidation.

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We see often phrases like data is the new oil. And the new economy will be actually fueled by data rather than by oil. If data is the new oil, then IoT at the edge is the way to extract that oil and make some use out of it.

Marco Carrer, CTO, Eurotech

As part of the education, having frameworks like PSA Certified or IEC62443 setting up a terminology, breaking down the requirement into quantifiable bits allows us to have a common language with our customers. Allows us to have a common terminology and a common approach.

Marco Carrer, CTO, Eurotech

We continue to foster collaborations with companies like Arm and embrace your initiatives in raising the state of the art in security through PSA Certified. If there are standard processes out there, it will give us confidence. It will raise the state of the art to a new level that will give us a good solid foundation on top of which to put the next innovation.

Marco Carrer, CTO, Eurotech

More About Your Podcast Host David Maidment

David Maidment (Senior Director of the Secure Device Ecosystem at Arm- a PSA Certified Co-founder) leads our discussions on the latest trends and developments from the world of IoT security.

Based in Cambridge UK, David brings over 25 years of experience in the embedded and IoT industry. He specializes in the intersection between device security and business assurance to drive best practice security adoption across the electronics industry. In his role at Arm, David leads device security ecosystem activities including the widely adopted PSA Certified initiative.