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Arm Creates Virtual IoT Chips to Accelerate Development

PSA Certified co-founder Arm discusses the launch of their new Total Solutions for IoT initiative that seeks to simplify and accelerate IoT development for the entire value chain, including easing security with PSA Certified.

Featured on Network World, 20/10/2021

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Navigate IoT Regulations at Local and Global Levels

In this article IoT Agenda breakdown the complex landscape of IoT security regulations and standards at a local and global level. They explore state-level legislation, the recent executive order to improve national cybersecurity, and how certification schemes like PSA Certified can help.

Featured on IoT Agenda, 27/09/2021

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IoT News of the Week for September 17th, 2021

Looking back on the news of the week, Stacey on IoT praises Infineon’s new PSA Certified Level 2 certification on their PSoC 64 Standard Secure MCU family, based on Arm Cortex-M.

Featured on Stacey on IoT, 17/09/2021

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The IoT Security Challenge: A Digital Assurance Imperative

In this article, Dr. Sally Eaves (Senior Policy Advisor for the Global Foundation, Experienced CTO, Professor in Advanced Technology, and Global Strategic Advisor) discusses digital transformation, the growing IoT security risks, and how PSA Certified is combating challenges and providing a holistic approach to security.

Featured on BBN Times, 16/09/2021

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