How Arrow and PSA Certified are Removing Security Barriers

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How Our Collaboration is Defragmenting the IoT

In the PSA Certified 2023 Security Report, there was a clear request from the ecosystem for more off-the-shelf trusted components, that make use of a Root of Trust. In fact, when asked what would make IoT security easier to deploy 58% of respondents asked for “trusted components”. The PSA Certified ecosystem is providing exactly this, with nearly 40 silicon vendors that have adopted the PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT) which software providers and device manufacturers are building upon and reusing time and time again in designs.

Arrow is providing full development platforms which will make security components easier to reuse than ever before. They know that if we are to create an ecosystem that offers IoT security today and into the future, manufacturers will need to be able to choose trusted components that are assured of a Root of Trust at the silicon layer, forming the foundation on which all secure operations of a computing system depend.

Together, we can help you to close gaps in security offering and increase confidence to your end customers. Let’s explore the key benefits of our collaboration.

Accelerated development of secure systems using the PSA Certified trusted methodology.

Reducing risk and reducing cost thanks to the methodology provided by PSA Certified and Arrow end-to-end support.

Regulation alignment bringing increased access to global markets.

Arrow Electronics’ knows the importance of designing with security in mind to protect customers’ data and IP. Arrow is collaborating with PSA Certified to provide certified platforms that align with cyber-security standards, using trusted silicon and offering engineering services to get to market faster and more securely.

Aiden Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing & Engineering, Arrow Electronics
Aiden Mitchell and Wayne Dragon

The combination of the PSA Certified security methodology, and Arrow’s end-to-end support services bring a unique collaboration. This solves security challenges and increases trust and confidence to your end customers.

Learn more about our collaboration in this video.

Building with Trusted Components Democratizes Security

For a device or development platform to achieve PSA Certified Level 1, they have to demonstrate security best practice through their system. Arrow Electronics have a strong history of selecting pre-certified components with varied levels of security robustness, which streamlines the journey to PSA Certified.