Provide Security Readiness for Your Security Subsystem or RoT Component

PSA Certified security certification for RoT components provides a laboratory evaluation of security IP building blocks, such as crypto processors and PUF subsystems, that are built into the chip’s Root of Trust (RoT).

The majority of the world-leading silicon vendors have adopted the PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT) and have used PSA Certified to demonstrate the robustness of their security implementations thanks to our multi-level scheme.

IP providers can achieve PSA Certified on RoT components, which is applicable in cases where they can achieve a subset of the requirements of PSA Certified Level 2 or PSA Certified Level 3. In turn this offers IP providers an opportunity to showcase security robustness with PSA Certified, and a way to support their customers who want to achieve PSA Certified on their SoC, as they will be able to reuse the component certifications. Reusing the component evaluations for full chip PSA Certified Level 2 and PSA Certified Level 3 evaluations eases the route to certification and speeds time-to-market.

PSA Certified Level 2 RoT component
PSA Certified Level 3 RoT component

Quicker Certification for Your Customers

Reusing certified security building blocks makes chip evaluation faster and cheaper.

Easing Customer Security Development

Trusted building blocks make the development of the PSA-RoT easier.

Showcase Your Security Robustness

Join the PSA Certified partnership and provide evidence of your security expertise.

PSA Certified Evaluation for RoT Components at a Glance

PSA Certified certification for RoT components provides:

AudienceIP providers and silicon vendors
Product TypeA component of a PSA-RoT. For example, memory, PUF etc.
ScopeMust meet at least one security requirement of the PSA-RoT base profile
ThreatsAligning to PSA Certified Level 2 or PSA Certified Level 3
Security Functional Requirements (SFRs)SESIP Security Functional Requirements (SFRs), that supports the SFRs defined in the PSA-RoT SESIP profile
Evaluation MethodologySESIP methodology

Getting Started with PSA Certified Evaluation for RoT Components

To begin your PSA Certified evaluation, we recommend a review the PSA Certified Level 2 and PSA Certified Level 3 resources to define the level of certification for your product. With this information, contact an evaluation lab of your choice to discuss the certification process and costs.

PSA Certified Level 2

Learn more about PSA Certified Level 2 evaluation

PSA Certified Level 3

Learn more about PSA Certified Level 3 evaluation

Evaluation Labs

Find an evaluation lab for certification