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PSA Functional API Certification

Quickly create secure applications using a set of built-in security functions

There is an industry wide problem of fragmented security hardware in chips that are difficult to use and can lead to poor system security.  PSA Functional API Certification solves this by providing easy-to-use APIs that provide a high-level interface for software developers who want to use the security functions of the PSA Root of Trust (PSA-RoT). This interface masks underlying hardware differences and provides a consistent developer experience across system-on-chips (SoCs) and platforms. Arm provides test suites to enable software providers (e.g. RTOS vendors), security ecosystem partners and chip suppliers to check the functionality of their products against PSA Developer API requirements with the following benefits:

  • Chip vendors with a functionally certified PSA-RoT have easy software porting to multiple RTOS and IoT platforms
  • RTOS vendors who build a solution compatible with the PSA Developer APIs can check their solution with the PSA API test suites and know that it will be easy to port to multiple chips that have a functionally certified PSA-RoT
  • Device makers benefit from having a consistent set of security functions that they can rely on across chipsets

PSA Functional API Certification checks the implementation of the PSA Developer APIs. These APIs provide the top-level essential security functions of: crypto, secure storage and attestation tokens. To help accelerate industry adoption of the PSA Developer APIs an open source reference implementation is provided as part of the Trusted Firmware-M project. The corresponding API test suite provides the tests that enable an interoperable market of solutions.