Rob Coombs

Business Development Director, Arm & PSA Certified Founding Member

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As part of Arm’s Architecture and Technology team, Rob works across the ecosystem to establish the future of the PSA Certified program, our mission is to make hardware-based security available to all devices, protecting hundreds of billions of IoT gadgets that connect to cloud-based services.

Rob has over 25 years’ experience working in semiconductor Intellectual Property and silicon related industries.  At Arm, Rob ran mobile marketing 2005-2009, then helped to set up Linaro (an open source enablement company) in 2010 before joining Systems and Software Group, the IoT Device Group and most recently the Architecture and Technology Group. Rob is a board member of GlobalPlatform and PSA Certified Founding Member.

Rob holds an MEng in Microelectronics from Durham University and is based in the UK.

About Arm

Arm is at the centre of the electronics industry with over 20 Billion Arm powered chips shipped annually and has been working with its ecosystem on improving embedded security in an initiative called PSA Certified that has gained significant momentum and has helped the industry to ease the pain of building-in security.

The latest posts by Rob Coombs

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    PSA Certified are excited to announce a new IoT security certification level recognising the use of a Secure Element, with protection against physical attacks.

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  • PSA Certified Level 3 – What Is Substantial Assurance and Robustness?

    A crucial part of the PSA Certified scheme is the independent testing of silicon for the PSA-RoT. There are three levels of PSA Certified evaluation for chips, PSA Certified Level 3 is described as a “substantial level of assurance and robustness”. In this blog, we explain exactly how we define “substantial” robustness and assurance.

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  • IoT Device Security: Simplifying the Journey for OEMs

    In this blog we explore how PSA Certified is simplifying the IoT security journey for device manufacturers, allowing them to leverage the security expertise from the value chain and easily implement and verify security best practice. We breakdown the four key stages and examine how PSA Certified supports you at every step.

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  • Securing High Performance IoT | Security for Edge Devices

    This blog discusses how we secure the next wave of high-performance connected devices, that typically utilise applications processors and Linux based software. It looks at the work PSA Certified is doing to help bring independent security evaluation and a straightforward approach to security by design for this class of product.

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