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Unlocking the Benefits of IoT-Enabled Predictive Maintenance with Secure Industrial IoT Devices

In this blog PSA Certified partner onsemi examine how the industrial IoT is unlocking new functionalities that will improve efficiencies, such as predictive maintenance, why IoT security is so important in this space and how PSA Certified has helped them validate their security implementations and provide assurances to their customers.

by Shola Slough

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#Beyondthenow Podcast: IoT Security at the Edge with Eurotech: “Security is not just a concern. It’s a barrier to adoption”

In the first episode of series 2 of the #beyondthenow podcast, David is joined by Marco Carrer, CTO of Eurotech, to examine the emergence of edge devices. Listen as they discuss what we mean by edge devices, the role the edge is playing, and the challenges of edge security. Blog category:** In conversation with, Transforming business

by PSA Certified

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On-demand Confidence to Create Roundtable: The True Cost of Insecurity

In this roundtable our host Sally Eaves is joined by guests from industry leaders including DCMS, Munich Re, Forescout Technologies and UCL to explore the true cost of insecurity. Watch to learn about the challenges of IoT security, where liability falls and the benefits of a proactive IoT security approach.

by PSA Certified

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IoT Security for the Remote Healthcare Market

In this installment of our ‘In Conversation With…’ series PSA Certified partner Flex explores IoT security for remote healthcare devices, how their Flexino Sensor Integration platform is helping OEMs overcome IoT security challenges and the added value of third-party certification schemes such as PSA Certified.

by Juan Cols

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Unpicking IoT Security Challenges for Device Manufacturers with Eurotech, Flex and ams Osram

We unpick six IoT security challenges for device manufacturers with industry-leading OEMs Eurotech, Flex, and ams Osram. They give advice on how to overcome these barriers and how schemes like PSA Certified are providing more value than just certification.

by PSA Certified

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The Power of Partnership: 10 Tips To Build a More Secure IoT

In this blog David Maidment reflects on his discussions with industry leaders and PSA Certified partners while hosting the #beyondthenow podcast. He shares his highlights from the last nine episodes and the recurring themes that the whole industry can align to.

by David Maidment

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Six IoT Security Features for Smart Building Devices

In this blog, Louis Parks (CEO at Veridify, one of the PSA Certified OEMs) unpicks the anatomy of smart building devices to highlight six essential security features.

by Louis Parks

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Fast-tracking Linux Security for IoT Edge Devices with

In this blog we examine how to overcome the complexities of IoT security for the edge. We also explore how PSA Certified partner is simplifying the security journey for Linux-based OEMs.  

by Jim Carver

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The Internet of Things is Changing the Construction Industry | Flex

Dr. Juan Nogueira-Nine from new PSA Certified partner, Flex, discusses why they became PSA Certified and why security is important for the construction industry.

by Juan Nogueira

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#Beyondthenow Podcast: Predicting the Future of IoT Security: “When our customers have the requirements, we need the silicon to be ready.”

David is joined by Mike Dow, Senior Product Manager for IoT Security at Silicon Labs. Mike provides the silicon vendor perspective, discussing recent changes in the semiconductor industry, the foundational role silicon vendors play in IoT security and the importance of thinking ahead when designing products to meet customer requirements.

by PSA Certified

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