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Why Choose PSA Certified?


Per month on average targeted at IoT devices[1]

The Risks Are Rising

With new hacks making headlines every week, there is no denying that security poses a risk of delaying the deployment of IoT, especially as the consequence of leaving IoT insecure justifiably grows.


Anticipated cyber crime damages by 2021[2]

The Cost of Inaction Will Be Huge

The impact of an insecure device ripples through a company. Not only reputational damages but also financial costs including investigations, restoration of hacked data and systems, loss of intellectual property, lost productivity, and many other expenses.

Governments Are Waking Up

There is no denying that governments are starting to wake up to the security threats to connected devices and investing in creating new standards and law. If you don’t meet these standards in advance, you could find yourself unable to sell in your chosen markets. PSA Certified offers adherence to government documents that are gaining traction in IoT, giving you a fast route to adherence.

Access World-Leading Security Knowledge

The PSA Certified scheme was created methodologically using threat models, security goals and a number of worldwide standards – which makes it a very rounded scheme. On top of this, the PSA Certified founding members are made up of renowned security experts, who keep up to date with the latest in the security landscape.

As the program was created with inputs from many different expert sources, following the scheme gives you free access to world-leading security expertise.

Unlocking Security Complexities

Security is time-consuming and complex, following PSA Certified unlocks security complexities for software platforms and cloud providers through free and open security architectures, reference implementations and APIs. This means you can focus your time on product differentiators rather than security architecture.

Protect Your Investment

As someone creating products, you’ll know the level of investment required. PSA Certified helps you to check you’re doing the right things and create an audit trail to showcase your efforts. It’s actively moving the industry from “Trust Me” and towards proven independent testing.

Wear A Badge of Honor with Pride

PSA Certified provides the industry with a common language to understand security, plus handy labels to help you recognize the investment that has been made. PSA Certified’s momentum is a game changer in an otherwise fragmented market.

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[1]: Symantec Internet Security Threat Report
[2]: 2019 Official Annual Cybercrime Report