Silvair Firmware nRF52840 — Certificates

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PSA Certified™ Security Assurance Certificate

PSA Certified Level 1

Certificate Number: 0716053550217 - 10221
Date of Issue: 10/11/2021
Test Lab: Riscure
Certification Holder: Silvair
Certified Product: Silvair Firmware nRF52840

Silvair offers robust lighting control firmware for a variety of lighting components, including drivers, fixture controllers, sensors, and switches. Optimized to support a variety of lighting control scenarios, Silvair Firmware guarantees the shortest time to market by allowing you to easily incorporate Bluetooth mesh into your lighting products. Designed to include all smart lighting functionalities in the components themselves, it eliminates the need for any control boxes. As a result, your clients can use your interoperable products to seamlessly build Bluetooth mesh smart lighting networks in large-scale commercial spaces.

Hardware Version: nRF52840 build code QIAA-D00 and CKAA-D00
Software Version: 2.21
Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 v2.1
Developer Type: PSA Certified – System Software

Composite PSA Certified EAN-13s

Chip: 0604565273079-10016