SF32LB55x, SF32LB56x, SF32LB58x series — Certificates

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PSA Certified™ Security Assurance Certificate

PSA Certified Level 1

Certificate Number: 0716053550507 - 10010
Date of Issue: 14/07/2022
Test Lab: CAICT
Certification Holder: Sifli Technology
Certified Product: SF32LB55x, SF32LB56x, SF32LB58x series

SF32LB55x family is a highly-integrated MCU designed for ultra low power Artificial Intelligence & Internet of Things application. The chip integrates two Cortex-M33 STAR CPU, high performance 2.5D graphic engine, AI accelerator and Bluetooth LE wireless. It can be widely used in wearable electronics, intelligent mobile device and smart home product.

Model: SF32LB551, SF32LB553, SF32LB555, SF32LB557, SF32LB561, SF32LB563, SF32LB565, SF32LB567, SF32LB569, SF32LB581, SF32LB583, SF32LB585, SF32LB587, SF32LB589
Hardware Version: A
Software Version:

Firmware Avalon 1.0

Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 v2.2 release 01
Developer Type: PSA Certified – Chip