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GigaDevice Chip

The GD32W515 MCU series integrates Wi-Fi connectivity, security features of Arm Cortex-M33 with TrustZone and the GD32 security technology in a single chip solution.

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PSA Certified Level 1 Details

Certificate Number: 0716053549914 - 10010
Date of Issue: 29/01/2021
Test Lab: CAICT
Certification Holder: GigaDevice
Certified Product: GD32W515
Hardware Version: GD32W515PIQ6
Software Version:

TF-M V1.1

Certification Type: PSA Certified Level 1 v2.1
Developer Type: PSA Certified – Chip

PSA Certified API Details

RTOS: RTX V5.5.0
Firmware: Trusted Firmware v1.1 release
API Test Suite Version: PSA Architecture Test Suite - Version 1.0
Hardware: GD32W515